Alex márquez


The BLUE SQUAD 73 community supports Alex Márquez in all competitions and events in which he participates. We are always by his side, at the Grand Prix, from the stands, in the paddock or even from from home … always following his sports career. No matter where we follow his sporting career throughout the year.

The registration for the season will be closed once the championship ends.

Advantages of being a member of the BLUE SQUAD community:

  • Free “Welcome Pack” with a BLUE SQUAD 73 gym bag and a neck tube.
  • Special discounts. As a member of the community, you will get a permanent discount coupon in the official store and enjoy special offers and/or raffles during the season.
  • BLUE SQUAD 73 Grandstands. In some GP, we have grandstands where we all get together to cheer on Alex. Draws will be held among the members attending the grandstand, within which there are passes to access the Paddock and meet Alex.
  • VIP events. During the year, exclusive events will be organized where members can meet Alex Márquez in person.

Shop schedule

All Year:

From monday to friday, 10 – 13h/ 17 – 20h
Saturday 10 – 13h

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